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Agricultural machinery like tractors, rotary tillers, harvesters, balers, rice transplanters, threshers, etc., adopt a large number of chain drive methods. Due to the different uses of agricultural machines and location application environments, the performance requirements of different agricultural machinery chains come into focus. Overall, wear resistance, impact resistance, last longer, prolonged operation and high fatigue performance are the core requirements of various agricultural machinery for chains.

Hengjiu Group has been manufacturing agricultural roller chains since the 1990s. Currently, we have Type S, Type C, Type CA and other series expanded from these specifications, with complete options of  K, M, C, F, etc... accessories.  Not only just meeting, our quality exceeds most OEM requirements.

At the same time, alloy coating surface treatment technology are  applied to the pin parts of the chain. Chains with surface alloy coating treatment pin withstand harsh environment very well.

The company also provides customers with low-maintenance agricultural machinery chains with O-Ring and X-Ring seals. According to experimental results, overall service life is more than 7 times that of standard products.

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