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Company has 3 types of structures for chains use in the Grain and Oil Industry – rollers (or sleeve) chains and welded bent plate chains highly flexible in satisfying various process application needs by combining with a wide range of attachment designs. Among them, the roller (or sleeve) chain and the welded bent plate chain structure can be flexibly combined with various accessories to meet the diverse needs of the grain and oil processing production line. The modular structure of the chain is mainly used for material conveyance in extractors.

We adopt finite element analysis and special alloy steel for our chains for the Grain and Oil Industry. Our manufacturing process uses efficient processing technology and equipment to provide customers with low-cost chains while ensuring high quality products. The modular chain plate of the extractor is CNC machined to achieve precise dimensional accuracy. At the same time, the inner hole of the chain plate is equipped with a wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant shaft sleeve to improve the reliability and service life.

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