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Few industries can compare with the working conditions of metallurgical industry, extremely high temperature, heavy and continuous impact load, dust wear, abrasive wear, corrosiveness and high humidity, etc. The reliability of metallurgical production lines is the key, reducing unplanned downtime and reducing maintenance costs, which is very important for various manufacturers.

Since early 1980s when supported the chain sprocket for the first phase of Baosteel, Hengjiu Group have accumulated a lot of experience in the metallurgical industry, and have provided products and design services for the mining metallurgy industry for long period since. Design and manufacturing experience, the mine metallurgy industry chain is one of the most distinctive series of products by Hengjiu. A series of products have been developed for slag casting machines, residual electrode feeders, hot-rolled wire production lines, continuous casting production lines for slabs and ingots, slab processing conveyor lines, enclosed scraper conveyors and other metallurgical processes.

Hengjiu's products are widely used in major steel mills in China and by equipment makers, including Baosteel, Anshan Iron and Steel, Maanshan Iron and Steel, Shougang, Panzhihua Iron and Steel, Angang, Tianjin Steel Pipe Company, Chengdu Steel Pipe Company, Hengyang Steel Pipe Company, First Heavy, Second Heavy, North Heavy industry, Taiyuan Heavy Industry, Changye, Suye, etc. in place of imported chains.  In addition, Hengjiu is also a long-term supplier to leading international metallurgical OEMs.

A new type of large-pitch dust-proof roller chain with inlay bearing has been applied to stacker and reclaimer equipment in steel plants. This chain offers the same performance and transmission efficiency even in dusty environments.

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