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Chain is a key drive component in the field of palm oil processing, such as conveying palm fruit to cooking vessels, pressing pulp to separate and refine oil, and other processes. The reliability of the chain used to enhance and convey is directly related to the factory's capacity and labor safety.

The operational condition in the palm oil industry is very demanding particularly with abrasion resistance and service life. When palm fruits are transported to the thrasher and shredder, and then the cooking container, the fruit will collide with the walls of the double channel during the transportation process, and the dust and fine sand on the fruit will be squeezed. The shredded peel fiber can jam the machineries, which will bring high shock loads, the thrashers and shredders have to jog in order to free up and then continue, and so accelerate the wear of the chain components and increase the bearing capacity of the chain.

We controlled our manufacturing process very tightly, making sure suitable and tested materials are selected, chain assembly to very precise standards, and pre-lubrication done. The consistent accuracy of the dimensions achieved ensuring the chain and sprocket perfectly matched to ensure chain durable and wear-resistant.  All these not only making sure the chain have good running life, but also safe to use.

 Palm Oil Chain Link Plate:Carbon alloy steel, heat treated to reach tensile strength ≥1000N/mm².

 Pin:Alloy steel (GB/T3077), with heat-treatment, it attains high strength, toughness, surface hardness and wear resistance properties

Roller, Sleeve:Low carbon alloy steel (GB/T3077) it attains high strength and wear resistance with our advanced heat treatment.

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