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Future of Urban Mobility. Innovations in Smart Parking are taking cities into the future, and probably lead to Mobility as a Service.  Some urbanization planning is even exploring dedicated motorcycle parking too.

Parking intelligence, potentially, can be expanded to autonomous / automated guided vehicles potentially for industrial use too.

Since 1998, Hengjiu has provided chain drive products for hundreds of automated parking equipment projects and has actively provided chain drive design and optimization solutions for many parking equipment OEMs. We are a leading chain drive product supplier in this field.

Mechanical parking equipment is divided into two categories: multi-layer mobile and vertical circulation. Such towing-and-shifting, lifting, translation and other functions are mainly realized by chain transmission.

Design principles of parking equipment chain -- reliable, trouble-free (highly important due to the limited space and compactness of storage), safe and environmentally friendly.
The chains to be used must possess these characteristics:
•high tensile strength,
•high wear resistance,
•good fatigue life.

A key characteristic of the chain involves the synchronization requirements that place very high demands on proper chain pairing. The length tolerance of the two paired chains should be minute and keep to the very least.  Meanwhile, no (or extreme low) noise during usage is expected. In the development process of the parking equipment chain, all processes are conducted in-depth and comprehensive failure mode analysis and risk assessment. There are detailed parts flow chart and production process control plan.

To ensure the greater bearing capacity of the chain, the material of chain plate and pin adopted in the Hengjiu parking equipment chain are high-grade alloy steel (GB / T3077) produced by a leading steel mill, that use advanced automatic control equipment for the heat treatment of these chain plates and pins.

Minimum Tensile Strength:  22% -30% higher than the equivalent specifications for standard roller chains in GB / T1243-2006 standard.

High Abrasion Resistance:  GB / T3077 Alloy Structural Steel is used for sleeves and rollers, carbonitriding process is adopted; manganese phosphate coating, which have good oil absorption performance, is added on the surface of the shaft.  This greatly improves the wear resistance of the friction and sliding parts of the parts during usage.

Synchronization of the length of the paired chain: The design of the die structure of the punch press can significantly control the tolerance of the hole center distance of the inner and outer chains to within ± 0.02mm. Our die structure design was awarded patent by the National Invention. The nominal length tolerance of the parking equipment chain is just 0 + 0.10%; this is lower than the equivalent of precision roller chain of 0 + 0.15%.

Fatigue Performance: Attributing to the advanced die design and fabrication, and stringent quality assurance management of the heat treatment process, equipment and related processes, the extrusion force of the Hengjiu chain is 2.5 times higher than the JB / T10970-2010 standard. This attributes to the advanced die processing, high-standard heat treatment and other equipment and process guarantees, and the fatigue life exceeds the industry standard by 160% or more.

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