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Hengjiu , with its ISO9001 certified factories, offer a variety of chains and sprockets for the Sugar Industry ranging from economical and long lasting standard industrial RS Series chains to Super Heavy Duty Drive Chains that offer a higher maximum load, shock absorption, fatigue strength, tensile strength, outstanding corrosion resistance, superior wear life at high speeds and in harsh operational conditions (with specially coated pins, pin link plates, roller link plates, solid groove bushes) from Standard RS to Large Size Conveyor Roller Chains.

We offer Martensitic stainless-steel for bush and pins; this is a specific type of stainless-steel alloy that can be hardened and tempered through heat treatment for wear resistant and corrosion resistant applications.

Applications that our chains commonly used include:

  • Cane Harvester Chains
  • Mud Conveyor Chains
  • Cane Carrier Chains – example Feeding Table application
  • Cane Bagasse Carrier Chain with Outboard Rollers -- Main Cane Carriers with Outboard Roller Style Apron Conveyors
  • Intermediate and Bagasse Chain
  • Elevator Chain
  • Intermediate Carrier Chains
  • Bagasse Reclaimer Chains
  • Diffuser Chain

With our experience and track records, we can offer free field application suitability advice.

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