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The opening ceremony of Hengjiu Group new Headquarter was held


The opening ceremony of Hengjiu Group new Headquarter was held in Zhuji City on 9th January, which means that Hengjiu Group has built one more state-of-art production hub for chain solutions and systems successfully. For us, it must be an important milestone in the history of 70 years.

The major focus of the production hub are four segments / markets: forklift & material handling, mechanical parking system, environmental protection equipment and industrial transmission.

Numerous innovations of production equipment and processes have been made smoothly during implementation of this huge project. For instance, modern heat treatment equipment & process, improved mold & punching process, extra CCD visual inspection system, latest AGV logistics equipment, upgraded APS & WMS system, optimized production line logistics, and much more. Based on the data, which we obtained during the trial production, we can gladly confirm that both efficiency and quality have been improved significantly.

Hengjiu is enjoying an excellent reputation as a leading supplier of chain solutions in these industries segments already. With the help of the new factory, Hengjiu is able to provide better service, higher safety, more reliable products, more advanced technical solutions to our customers for their successes.

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